Are you thinking of selling your home? We will take you through every step to make your experience
As gentle as possible, the transition of moving can sometimes be stressful, so lean on us experts.

  1. Should you sell at all… get a valuation
  2. Figure out your finances
  3. Decide if you should also look for somewhere to buy or rent
  4. Decide who you will instruct to sell the property
  5. Decide what price to sell it for through using professional agents valuation
  6. Prepare your home
  7. Hire a solicitor or conveyancer
  8. Fill out the relevant questionnaires
  9. Accept an offer
  10. Negotiate the draft contract
  11. Exchange contracts
  12. Move out
  13. Complete the sale
  14. Pay off the mortgage
  15. Settle up with the solicitor/conveyancer and estate agent
  16. Another successful sale by Hamilton